BGA solder joint failed due to high-strain-rate bending of the PCBA

The relationship between PCBA bending and failures is critical, as bending stresses introduced during manufacturing, assembly, or operation can lead to a wide range of failures, including cracks, fractures, and deformations. These failures often occur in solder joints, component leads, and critical connection points, compromising the reliability and durability of the assemblies. Key mitigation strategies include robust design practices such as incorporating stiffeners, careful material selection to withstand mechanical stresses, controlled manufacturing processes to minimize stress introduction, and careful handling procedures. Understanding and addressing these factors through targeted improvements can significantly reduce bending-related failures, ensuring more reliable electronic assemblies.

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MLCC Bending Fracture

MLCC bending fracture

Mechanical Overstress of Resistor Solder Joints

Damage in BGA Device

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