BGAs are susceptible to damage from thermal-mechanical warpage stresses as well as mechanical bending stress.

BGA damage 1

The damage tends to be subtle and isn’t visible at low magnifications such as the image above of a microsectioned device.

BGA damage 2

At higher magnification a fracture became apparent in the upper layers of the die.

BGA damage 3

In the image above, the die attachment appears to have failed and there is a void in the molding compound due to a processing flaw at molding.

BGA damage 4

The bottom of the die separated from the molding compound and a fracture radiates away through the molding compound.

BGA damage 5

However, the PWB laminate under the BGA pads also showed fractures suggesting that the assembled PCBA was bent out of plane. It doesn’t take a great deal of bending to induce this type of damage, so the problem may not be apparent at the moment it is caused.

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