FTIR can identify unknown plastic materials by comparison with known materials (i.e. from a spectral library).




Fig. A – Sample A FTIR spectrum compared with Nylon 6/6 and Nylon 6/9. Part of the spectrum
is more similar to Nylon 6/6 and part is more similar to Nylon 6/9.






  This is the Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrum of an unknown plastic (bottom) compared with library spectra of Nylon 6/6 and Nylon 6/9 respectively.  The spectrum suggests that this is likely a blend of Nylon 6/6 and Nylon 6/9.

2 thoughts on “FTIR of Unknown Plastic

  1. The spectrum for the unknown shows some carbon dioxide noise between about 2400 to 2250 cm-1. Do you know whether a purge gas was used during the analysis? Also, did the analytical software give a qualitative match (in percent) to the two library spectra?

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