EDs Analysis Service

Energy dispersive X-ray analysis, also known as EDS, EDX or EDAX, is a technique used to identify the elemental composition of a sample or small area of interest on the sample. During EDS, a sample is exposed to an electron beam inside a scanning electron microscope (SEM). These electrons collide with the electrons within the sample, causing some of them to be knocked out of their orbits. The vacated positions are filled by higher energy electrons which emit x-rays in the process. By analyzing the emitted x-rays, the elemental composition of the sample can be determined. EDS is a powerful tool for microanalysis of elemental constituents. EDS analysis is best suited for:

SEM/EDS analysis can also be useful in identifying certain types of polymeric materials as shown here: EDS Analysis of Polymers.

For organic materials analysis and/or identification, visit our FTIR analysis page.

EDS Spectrum
EDS spectrum of an intermetallic needle in a Pb-free solder joint. The spectrum suggests that this is Ag-Sn intermetallic compound.