Failure Analysis Service

SEM Lab, Inc. is a failure analysis lab providing services to many branches of manufacturing, such as the electronics, medical or aerospace industries, where it is a vital tool used to determine the cause of a failure in order to keep it from recurring. At SEM Lab, Inc., we provide:

Failure Analysis of Electronic Devices

SEM Lab, Inc. provides analysis of integrated circuits (ICs), light emitting diodes (LEDs), printed wiring boards (PWBs), printed circuit boards (PCBs), transistors, inductors, resistors, capacitors, components and assemblies. We also provide analysis of medical devices. For a more detailed description of our electronic component failure analysis service, visit:

Electronic Component Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis of Metals, Ceramics and Plastics

Examining the fracture surface of a failed part can provide important information regarding the failure mechanism. SEM imaging and microscopy can classify the type of failure as ductile or brittle, for example. It can also yield information about the cause of the fracture such as corrosion, fatigue, etc.

Flexure Crack
Flexure crack in an MLCC.
Fracture of a bolt
Fracture of a bolt.
Ceramic Sample
SEM image of a ceramic sample.
Fatigue Striations
Fatigue striations on a fracture surface.