Device Analysis Examples

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PWB Delamination
Delamination of PWB.
EOS Damage
Electrical overstress damage (EOS damage.
LED Die Bond Failure
Light Emitting Diode (LED)failure.
SMT Problem
Gold wire bond.
Plated Thru-Hole
Exposed Copper at Plated Thru-Hole
Intermetallic Compound
Cu-Sn intermetallic compound.
SMT Problem
SMT device with wetting problem.
Residue on Relay Device
Particle residue in dissected relay device.
PWB Failure
PWB Failure Analysis.
PWB Construction
PWB construction analysis.
EOS Failure
EOS failure resulting in fused wire bond.
PCB Failure
Failure analysis of a PCB.
Dielectric Void
Dielectric void in BME.
Flexure Crack
Flexure crack in MLCC.
Transistor Failure
Transistor failure.
Capacitor Failure
Capacitor failure.
LED Failure
LED microsection.
Diode Failure
Chemically decapsulated SMD diode.
Flex crack
Flex crack in MLCC.