Electronic Component Failure Analysis Service

SEM Lab, Inc. is a failure analysis lab that specializes in failure analysis of electronic assemblies, printed-circuit-boards (PCBs), printed-wiring-boards (PWBs), and electronic components such as integrated circuits (ICs), memory chips, transistors, diodes, capacitors, resistors, LEDs, power modules, and many others. We have analyzed electronic devices, components and assemblies for ESD, EOS, shorts, opens, corrosion, solderability, vibration, thermal fatigue, connector failures, etc.

We have extensive experience analyzing problems such as generalized corrosion, bond pad corrosion, gold embrittlement, black pad syndrome (ENIG finished PWBs), plated-through-hole and via failures, electrical contact problems, wire bonds, BGAs, delamination, and electromigration. We also specialize in solder joint failures, microstructural characterization, and solder joint reliability. SEM Lab Inc. also offers solder joint analysis.

We have made available a collection of documents that describe some of the failure mechanisms we have seen at SEM Lab, Inc.

Device Failure Analysis

Failure mechanisms are different for every device. A look into the failures in specific devices can be found here:

EOS Damage
EOS damage at input of line receiver IC.
LED Failure
LED failure.
Transistor Failure
Transistor failure.
Capacitor Failure
Capacitor failure.